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Our virtual platform TriBalanceTV has over 100 classes on-demand, comprising both pre-recorded classes and live stream recordings and we are continually adding new classes every week.

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YOGA Align and Flow

Cleansing Spinal Twists with Mona

YOGA Deep Stretch

Release & Let Go with Sheri

YOGA Restorative

Vitality & Ease with Emma

YOGA Basics

Foundations of Flow with Mel


Twist Your Way to a Strong Core with Lili

YOGA Basics

Harness Your Energy (Brahmacarya) with Cathy

Practise together live    

Our live stream classes are interactive just like in the studio experience. Your teacher is there to provide feedback, pose correction and facilitate your learning in an interactive way. This new innovative way of connecting is such a valuable opportunity for us all to maintain a sense of normality and consistency in our routines during these uncertain times.

To join live stream classes you can purchase a class pass or sign up to one of our membership options above. Bookings are essential using the TriBalance app or the class schedule page. You will receive an email zoom link at least 30mins before the scheduled time for your class.