Roxy Alcorn

Yoga Teacher


Roxy was initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits about six years ago. At the time, seeking relief from chronic back pain that had spanned 10 years, she dove into her yoga practice. Not only did yoga strengthen her body enough to completely rid her of the chronic pain, she quickly realised the depth and transformative power yoga had on all areas of her life. Through the study of yoga, she learned to overcome anxiety through breathwork, trust herself enough to make more aligned life choices, and connect more deeply with herself and others. She is now passionate about sharing yogic wisdom and the healing power of the practice with others.


Roxy’s classes have a strong focus on pranayama (breathwork), creative sequencing and elements of yogic wisdom/philosophy woven throughout. There’s a reason yoga – the oldest practice known to mankind – is still prevalent today: it provides timeless tools to a more joyful, empowered and connected life!