TriBalance team yoga teacher Mona Hilario North Brisbane


Yoga Teacher


Monaliza is passionate about sharing the tools and techniques she found from her 6 years of international study and teaching experience in Yoga, Meditation, Systematic Relaxation, Trauma Release and Optimal Diaphragmatic Breathing for healthier brain, body and mind. She believes that the way we think, speak and act are a reflection of our own mental & emotional state and to be able to change your life for the better, you have to start from within: improve your relationship with yourself and it will transform your life.


As a person who experienced suppressed traumatic past in her youth, she understands how these can affect our current behaviour and have a massive role in the way we manage painful experiences, heavy emotions like anger, guilt and handle stressful situations. She found yoga on the year 2014 when she was re-traumatized and her childhood trauma resurfaced. She felt the need to find a natural healing modality, this experience in her early 20s led her to practise yoga. Yoga became her saving grace, the only way she continued to feel worthy of living was through expressing her deeply held tension, repressed emotions and trauma that lived in her body since she was 7. So she pursued the study of Yoga to understand how exactly it helped her.
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In 2015 she took her first 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga training, continued to study and practise Yoga and moved to Australia in 2017 where she studied Trauma Release Yoga at YIMI, and later that year she commenced her study in the Himalayan Institute, Pennsylvania, where she started her journey towards her 500 Hours of in depth study of Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy and the Physiological body. In 2019, she studied Yoga for Healthy Brain and Traumatic Brain Injuries as well as the healing and transformative effect of Restorative Yoga.


Mona believes that Yoga must be easily accessible to everyone, she has an open mind and even experienced in Animal Yoga(Llama and Goat Yoga) and other events allows more people to be introduced to yoga. She discovered that people with preconceived notions because of religious backgrounds, as well as those with chronic anxiety and stress seem to be showing up more in these events rather than in studios. For her, this is a great way to connect with people in need to understand the purpose of yoga and how it may be able to help them improve their lives in its simplest form. In her classes, expect a few good little laughs, acceptance and understanding of your own level by the given options she provides.
She truly believes that simplicity is key to consistent and sustainable practice. Just show up and be exactly as you are in that moment.


Mona’s style of teaching is a combination of breath-connected yoga sequence, mindful joints and glands movement, breath training and systematic relaxation to help students access a deep inner awareness that brings calm and harmony in people’s lives. Her students say she has a gift that brings a sustainable sense of healing experience that anyone can benefit from.