Yoga Teacher


I am Mona, I practice and teach yoga, love music, travelling and exploring.


I enjoy listening & getting to know everyone’s unique stories and journeys in life as this gives me a different perspective in life. I like being spontaneous, crazy about plants, the beach, gardens & rain forests, the night skies, playing ukulele and taking lots of photos.

My journey in Yoga started in 2014. Yoga has brought me closer to my inner self and helped me become the person that I am now. I was mainly drawn to Vinyasa style yoga, because it was a good balance between strength and flexibility, and most especially, it has taught me how to use my breath.

I joined a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training early in the year 2015 under Beyond Yoga, Philippines – out of curiosity about Yoga and without knowing yet whether I will be teaching. I am so glad that I did as it was a wonderful experience, I’ve learned so much about yoga philosophy, anatomy and sequencing. This commenced my new chapter in life as a teacher. At first I was still finding my own voice or “flavour”, it takes practice, patience and courage to face & overcome my own doubts, worry and fear. And this is exactly what Yoga and Meditation did.


When we show up on our mat and face what we try to avoid, we allow for release to happen. We sometimes store these in our muscles, joints, organs and bones, that leads to anxiousness, anxiety, stress and sometimes ailments, aches and pains in the body. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, we allow the breath also known as “Prana” or ‘life force’ to bridge the gap between the mind and body and find a way to release what we hold on to, turning our energetic wheel that lies along the spine a.k.a. Chakras. In Yoga, everything is connected; Mind, body & spirit: within and without.


Now, I’d like to share the gifts and tools of Yoga & meditation to everyone. We all deserve to experience life with ease, peace of mind and start the journey towards self discovery.

Being a teacher also means becoming a life-long student. There is just so much to learn and understand about how the mind and body works. Here’s a summary of my yoga background:


• Taylor Harkness’ Vinyasa Master classes and workshops

• Will Lau’s Continuing Education Training Intensive

• Kim Hartman’s Happiness Meditation program

• Trauma Release Yoga at the Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute Australia in 2017

• The Art of Teaching Yoga for Health and Balance: Deeper Physical and Psychological Strategies in Himalayan Institute, Pennsylvania USA

• Yoga for the brain and brain injury and Yoga Nidra

I would love nothing more but to share this journey with you, beautiful soul. Together we can achieve a balanced state of mind, healthier body and blissful spirit.

Breathe in Love, breath out Peace.


Love & Light, Namaste!