Annabelle Hart

Yoga Teacher

Annabelle Hart is an international best-selling Author and Medicine Woman facilitating Yoga Classes, Cacao Ceremonies, Retreats, and Certified Courses. These enriching and expansive experiences invite you to embody your unique purpose with passion, power, and prosperity.

Experiences with Annabelle are infused with empowering educational techniques, leading you to “Liberate, Validate, and Regulate” into equilibrium, and take the leap of faith from surviving to thriving!

Over the past ten + years, Belle’s certified education with various medicines, helped her alchemise wounds into wisdom. Hence, she is passionate about supporting you to courageously choose to take a chance and create change for yourself and the collective!

Belle intentionally interweaves Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality/Union, Science, and Spirituality through Yoga (specialising in therapeutic practices and Children’s Yoga), Ceremonial Cacao, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Sound Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, The Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel, Dragon Shakti Breathwork, and more!

Join Belle to receive a restorative practice that soothes your body, mind and soul!

Kind regards,
Belle x