TriBalance restorative yoga teacher Emma Baker North Brisbane

Emma Baker

Yoga Teacher / Meditation Coach


Emma has always enjoyed dance, sport and keeping active, but never looked back after taking her first yoga class in 2011. A real turning point and inspiration occurred when she completed her Teacher Training at Shri Yoga Brisbane in 2014, an experience that deepened her personal practice, setting her on the path of teaching.


Emma loves to teach in a way that helps students to begin to weave their practice off the mat and into everyday life and this is reflected in her classes. She teaches alignment-based classes, is also a qualified Yin Yoga teacher and has a passion for teaching and sharing the benefits of meditation.


What if someone told you that meditation doesn’t have to feel like a chore? That the clarity and serenity you seek from meditation actually comes as a result of embracing your inner wildness?


Instinctive meditation teaches us that we are hard wired for meditation. Any time you have been in awe at something (a beautiful sunrise, the ocean, piece of music), is a moment of spontaneous meditative awareness. This style of meditation is aimed at accessing those unique and individual pathways, helping you to develop a richer capacity for experience and a deeper connection to yourself. Learn and explore the refreshing and enriching practices of Instinctive Meditation with Emma as your private coach.


The good news:
You are allowed to think thoughts in meditation
You don’t have to sit upright or still
You don’t have to calm yourself down
You are allowed to be yourself in meditation
Come as you are, be open to exploring the depths of your inner sanctuary. Leave feeling refreshed, clear and connected, as well as with tools to continue exploring the many different pathways into meditation.


1:1 Sessions available by appointment
$70 per 1 hour session