Teacher Spotlight – Sheri

TriBalance Teacher Spotlight for July is Sheri, she teaches Align&Flow class and restorative class. Here she shared with us her yoga story:

A yoga practice has been a foundational element of my life and my belief is that we all come to the mat for a variety of reasons at different times in our life’s journey. I was fortunate to learn yoga at an early age with my mother, and it has been a constant ever since, providing me balance and nourishment alongside a successful, rich and busy international career. I have always travelled, been active and energetic, so following an autoimmune illness in my late 30’s that affected my breathing and movement, I sought to re-ignite my yoga practice as an integral pathway to recovery and regaining the joys of pain free movement. This resolution led me in 2015 to complete my 200hr RYT at the School of Sacred Arts in Ubud Bali. As a Yoga teacher I strive to continually expand my learning and my practice to ensure a holistic, caring and accepting attitude toward my students and fellow teachers. My deepest wish in both teaching masteron enanthate and my own practice – is to allow a sense of having compassion for ourselves, accepting that we are not perfect and allowing ourselves to find the balance we require in the present. The essence of my style combines gently exploring the relationship between the body, mind and breath. Through a fluid sequence of alignment based Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga styles, we create space for energy, strength, balance, grounding, compassion and relaxation for ourselves – and this is an enriching ‘gift to self’ that we can each incorporate into our daily lives and experiences.

My teaching and practice is found in the enjoyment of alignment based yoga.  Knowing that we are all perfect yet so very different and in this diversity we all can find expansion in our minds, body and our breath.  Allowing a sense of cleansing, balancing, centring and relaxing and this in turn of acceptance.  For me the joy of watching others, (Mudita) is a pleasure and a privilege to see them journey through their practice and find their own unique expression.  Slowing down and finding the sacred space within us that we all need to nurture and to nourish ourselves.

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