Teacher Spotlight – Mel

Mel teaches vinyasa flow and beginner yoga at TriBalance. Here she shares with us her yoga story.

I come from a humble background where people have little awareness of spirituality or the importance of mental health, science was my only belief and life was just a to-do-list.

The reason I started yoga was simply to “stretch out” and “worked out”. Compared to going to the gym, I was more drawn to yoga because of its nurturing and feminine aspect. Yoga had been just a form of exercise for me until I decided to explore mindfulness and meditation. I was going through a tough time at that moment and I really wanted a way out, I knew that I cannot live autopiloting anymore.

Then I decided to become a yoga teacher and learn about training both the mind and the body. Besides the physical healing aspect of yoga, I’ve also learned so much about the mental healing aspect of yoga. Yoga has become part of my life ever since, EVERYDAY.

I always recommend practicing yoga everyday: Meditation, conscious breathing and physical postures. Nevertheless, sometimes when life gets crazy, I find it really challenging to meditate; when I feel too cold, too hot, too lazy, too full, too hungry, too tired, I don’t do any physical practice on the mat; and when I move on with life too mindlessly and quickly, sometimes I forget that I am breathing.

But that’s okay. The biggest lesson I learned from Yoga is to love yourself: that means first, never criticise yourself even if you weren’t doing so great, and second, do what makes you feel good to change the situation!

I encourage everyone who comes to yoga classes to have an open mind and a playful heart. If you do so, you may not necessarily find peace and joy on the mat immediately but you will leave with a blissful after-yoga mood.

I feel extremely lucky and grateful to be part of TriBalance team, working with Cathy and all the other teachers, meeting all kinds of lovely people who come to practice with me and laugh with me. Thank you all for bringing light to my life. Namasté!

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