Teacher Spotlight – Lina

Teacher Spotlight for June is Lina. Here this gorgeous goddess has shared with us her yoga journey:

12 years ago, I decided to embark an exciting journey and flew 16,288 km away from my family, friends (and my beloved latin dancing!), to live in a completely different culture while learning English. All with the objective of coming back to my country after 1 year to keep progressing in my career as an accountant.
What I didn’t know was that life and love had a different path for me and in 2008, I fell pregnant, feeling super excited and thrilled, but at the same time very scared and completely overwhelmed. Not knowing how to handle these mixed emotions, together with the desire of keeping my physical body active, strong and prepared for this stage of my life, I found myself in my first yoga class, a practice that made me feel instantly grounded, safe and immensely grateful.
Since then, my desire to learn more about yoga continued growing, and so, in the following years I kept exploring different paths, with a special connection to vinyasa, restorative and traditional Hatha yoga systems.
By the end of 2014, although I had a stable job, the stress and pressure of long hours had reflected in my relationship with myself and the people I love most. This made me feel completely lost, helpless and experiencing a period of depression and anxiety. However, this dark period taught me how to practice yoga in my everyday life by an urge to find balance and following what truly resonated with my heart, deciding to quit my job and start a new purpose in life from scratch.
That’s when in 2015 I became a certified yoga teacher and since then, feeling everyday blessed and honoured to keep learning and sharing with my students how yoga can guide us to see the loving power we all have within, how we can understand and reconcile all the dimensions of our body by focusing our attention in a balanced dance between breath, movement and stillness and how we can manifest this loving power, on and off the mat.
To all the students at Tribalance: THANK YOU and let the journey of being present continue. Light and love 💖. Namaste 🙏


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