Teacher Spotlight – Laura

Laura teaches beginner yoga at TriBalance. Here she shares with us her yoga story.

I first tried yoga when I was in my early 20’s but didn’t like the slow pace – I was full of energy and thought my style of exercise needed to match this. It wasn’t until a few years later, when living in London, that I realised I needed a bit of peace and calm in my life. I wanted to give a bit back to my body and to slow down my busy life, even if just for an hour. I looked forward to this hour of calm and was surprised at how physically demanding it could be on my body! I started telling anyone who would listen how good yoga is. It became a bit of joke – someone would tell me about something that wasn’t sitting right with them – whether physically or mentally and I would answer ‘Have you tried yoga?’. My boyfriend, hearing this repeatedly, would roll his eyes in amusement, Laura once again trying to convince someone to practice yoga (he is, of course, a big fan). I realised that I needed to become a teacher – to spread the love of yoga to as many people as possible!

I love the way my body feels during my practice and in my daily life. I now move so much more easily than I used to and I’m more conscious of my posture and how to be gentle on my body while bending and lifting. Pranayama helped me through a recent quick labour and keeping up with yoga while pregnant helped immensely during birth and in my recovery. I’m so aware of listening to my body and doing what feels right, allowing each day to be different.

My practice continues to develop – I’m miles away from being able to do a lot of the inversions and I still wobble way too much during some of the balancing poses. But that’s ok. I may eventually get there, but for now I will keep teaching what i know and spreading the yoga love.

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