Teacher Spotlight – Carly Ponter

1. How long have you been practising and teaching yoga? 
I’ve been practicing yoga since I was about 16 years old, but mostly just here and there, certainly not super committed in those beginning years. I got significantly more invested about 7 years ago, so much so, that I decided to do my teacher training. I finished my first YTT about 5 years ago and somewhat fell into teaching opportunities almost immediately after completion and I haven’t really looked back since!

2. What’s your preference Livestream or In-studio for teaching?
I think live stream classes have most certainly served a purpose of late, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue to connect with people during this tumultuous time – but nothing beats the atmosphere of in person teaching. There’s something really potent about a room full of people all moving and breathing together as a collective, there’s an energy and a vibe created that just doesn’t translate through the camera. BUT… I do have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to just roll out of bed and practice or teach from the comfort of my home though 😝

3. Why did you start practising yoga and what motivated you to want to teach?
Yoga was initially just to compliment my training in the gym or at netball. Over the years though, as my training shifted, yoga was something that I always kept coming back to, no matter what, and I realised that I loved it for a whole lot of other reasons rather then just to ’stretch out’ after a run or whatever it was that I was doing.
I started teaching because I felt such great benefits from yoga, I wanted to share that with other people. I was also just excited to empower and educate people about their bodies and minds.

4. What styles of yoga do you teach?
My original teacher training was in the Vinyasa style but over the years I’ve migrated more towards alignment and technique based teachings and trainings from the Anusara style. My background is in massage therapy, and the slower teaching pace of this style allowed me to hone in on specific actions and movements more deeply and integrate my anatomy knowledge more fluidly into my teachings.

5. What do you most like about teaching at tribalance?
I adore the community at TriBalance! The people are so wonderful and it is just a really warm and welcoming place to teach from. The students are so lovely, enthusiastic and will try anything I throw at them 😜

6. What’s your favourite and least favourite pose? 
One of my favourite poses is Urdhva Dhanurasana aka Wheel pose. I don’t naturally have a ‘bendy’ spine so I have to work on my back bends but wheel just has this way of putting a smile on my dial!
My nemesis poses at the moment are really anything single leg, balance based. I hurt my ankle a while back and I’m working on building strength and stability in the joint again. So anything standing on that particular leg is incredibly difficult for me, frustrating and very, very wobbly! But it’s wonderful to see the difference it’s making when I put the effort in and work on it!

7. What aspects of your personal practise are you focusing on at the moment? (e.g any specific poses, building strength, flexibility in a specific area, mindfulness, an aspect of yogic philosophy, meditation, body awareness etc)
I’ve let go of a more structured routine since Covid and I’ve been trying to really honour what it is I need on a day to day basis. Some days it’s a strong, vigorous practice to shake things up for myself, other days it’s sitting in the sun meditating/reading a book, or at times it’ll be focusing on a specific area like opening my shoulders or hips etc. It’s been a really crazy time and each day has brought something different and I felt like my practice needed to reflect that.

8. How was your personal practise or teaching changed since covid 19?
My teaching since covid hit has been really centred around getting people out of their brains and into their bodies. There has been such an influx of news & information, moments of stress and anxiety all rife within our discussions and day to day lives, that I really wanted to provide people with a moment of reprieve, to stop the forward thinking and past reflections, and to really connect back into being present with their bodies.
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