Student Spotlight – Virginia

Student spotlight for May @tribalance_yoga —
Our lovely Virginia @veemuu .
Yoga. It was always on the list, but …. Then about 18 months ago, a lovely, young German girl struck up a conversation with me one afternoon on beautiful Wategos Beach. The conversation eventually turned to yoga and how important it was in her life. She so inspired me, that I decided to try a class. I went to a couple of places and found them unfriendly and amateurish. The next place was Tri Balance and the rest as they say, is history. I have quietened the voice in my head that was always so busy. I’m back to the weight I was 10 years ago. I’m contemplating, over 60, my first headstand! (There’s a way to go yet on that one)! I love all my teachers- Mel with her wondrous personality, Mina who starts my weekend so energised and relaxed, Emma who calms and prepares me for the week ahead and Lina whose singing bowls make my heart sing! I never think, ‘I don’t want to go today’. Instead, I look forward to every class!!! Thank you for your gifts. Virginia. .

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