Student Spotlight – Troy

Student Spotlight for November is Troy
Here he has shared his yoga story with us:



I’ve always had an interest in health and well being and was active with exercise in different ways but hadn’t experienced Yoga properly up until recently. I had a perception of what I expected it would be and didn’t immediately see the value of the practice.

Things changed last year when a friend invited me along to a 75 min Bikram yoga class and although that was quite intense for a first timer, I was still intrigued enough to look into it more. I started then to do yoga at home, following along to beginner YouTube videos which helped me learn foundation poses and got me more interested in what yoga was all about.

After experiencing some lovely classes in Bali and back home I began to really appreciate how special yoga was and began searching out places I could practise it more often. I was fortunate also to have a special person in my life (who happened to be a yoga instructor) encourage me and i eventually became hooked.

After some more classes at different locations I stumbled across the TriBalance studio and decided I’d sign up for the trial period. From my first class I knew I wanted to stay and be part of the amazing haven everyone there has created. I’ve been very fortunate to practise as often as I can due to living close by and have been soaking up the benefits of the practice. For me it is a very tangible way to care for myself, to let go and breathe and mindfully move in the moment, to challenge myself and experience the satisfaction that comes from any success or improvements. It’s also taught me a lot about practising with humility and accepting myself, I am always a bit obsessed with form and shape but am learning to focus more on sensation, how the poses feel.

Yoga does wonders for the body and soul and really gives you a sense of contentment when you feel you’re making time to do something good, something worthwhile. The poses are challenging but I relish the opportunity to push myself and improve. I’m learning that Yoga is so much more than poses and love that it’s a journey that is completely your own while at the same time being a shared experience with others who are also on similar paths with their practise.

We are all different and yoga allows us to accept ourselves and others and to do what’s right for our bodies, I connect with this ethos. I’m excited and motivated to keep growing, learning and practising and would certainly recommend it to anyone who’s willing to give it a go. Yoga can seem very intimidating but with a little time and effort you will be rewarded immensely. Yoga is so satisfying, refreshing, and empowering that I couldn’t be without it.

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