Student Spotlight – Tanya and Barry

Student spotlight for August is Tanya and Barry, here they have shared with us their yoga stories:

1, How long have you been practicing yoga or pilates?
We have both taken random yoga and pilates classes in the past at different places but signing up to Tribalance last year is our first consistent and continual practice.

2,Why do you practice yoga and/or pilates?
We are hoping to improve our flexibility and core strength and maintain both as much as possible as we get older.

3, Why did you choose tribalance to support you on your journey?
Tribalance is close to where we live so initially that enticed us to sign up but we have continued because we enjoy the classes, the instructors are great, there is plenty of variety within the same classes and our bodies feel better when we go!
It also really helps that we both like going.
The other thing is that although initially many(actually most) poses seemed difficult, we are able to work on them at our own ability level, plus the instructors are always helpful and supportive, so over time we are seeing improvements and that’s a really great feeling.

4, What’s your favourite class at tribalance?
It’s really hard to pick a favourite as each class has different things that we like so our favourite is whichever class we are doing at the time!

5, Whats your favourite pose?
Tanya- the rag doll as I love the stretch it gives my back
Barry- downward facing dog as I can feel myself getting better at it.

6, Whats your least favourite pose?
Tanya- side planks
Barry- rollups

7, What aspects of your practice are you focusing on at the moment?
Tanya- trying to add the correct breath to each flow now the poses are more familiar
Barry- focusing on doing the poses in a controlled manner and being mindful of what I am doing

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