Student Spotlight – Sonia

Student Spotlight for May is Sonia
Here she has shared her yoga story with us:

1. How long have you been practising yoga or pilates? I started doing yoga and Pilates in a gym about 8 years ago. I fell in love with yoga straight away. After a few years of doing yoga in various gyms I decided to join a yoga studio. I haven’t looked back.

2. Why do you practice yoga and/or pilates? I started practicing yoga originally to help with anxiety and back issues. I now practice because it makes me feel balanced. It’s the only time I am able to stop my busy mind.

3. Why did you choose tribalance to support you on your journey? I moved into the area just over a year ago and my intention was to try all the yoga studio’s in the area and then choose. Tri Balance happened to be the first studio I tried and I loved it and knew I didn’t need to look any further. I like the small intimate feel of the classes. I also like that there is Pilate’s, my plan was to do at least one Pilate’s class a week, however I always seem to gravitate towards yoga.

4. What’s your favourite class at tribalance? Align & Flow

5. Whats your favourite pose? I don’t have a favourite. I really enjoy twists and chest openers.

6. Whats your least favourite pose? Low boat. Lol

7. What aspects of your practise are you focusing on at the moment? Alignment. I also want to strengthen my abdominal and glutes.

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