Student Spotlight – Shayne

Student spotlight for July belongs to our lovely Shayne. Here he has shared with us his yoga journey… I’ve been practicing yoga for the last 6 years and it has changed my life in more ways then I initially suspected.
I never envisioned that yoga would influence all aspects of my life. My practice has enabled me to build strength, aligned my posture, increased my flexibility and make me feel great about my body.
I didn’t realised that yoga would help to reduce stress and anxiety, give me confidence and provide me with a sense of community.
If you are asking if yoga is for you I would say. Do you want to feel challenged, rewarded and renewed all at the same time? Do you want to switch off and disconnected from all the pressures of society? Do you want to make friends, have a laugh walk out of the class with a sense of pride? Then yoga is for you.

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