Student Spotlight – Sarah

Student Spotlight for January is Sarah
Here she has shared her story with us:

I started Clinical Pilates early in 2018 after quite a painful episode of lower back pain. After a number of physio consults the most likely scenario was a protruding disk in my lower back. Cathy developed a program for me to help heal the injury as well as strengthen my core and back in order to prevent further painful episodes.
I love having my Clinical Pilates class scheduled in every week because it means no matter how busy I get, there is at least 1 solid hour a week dedicated to my treatment. Most of the exercises in my program can also be done at home with minimal equipment but I still like to come every week so that Cathy can track my progress & adjust my program as needed. This was particularly necessary when taking on too much (getting back into yoga & increasing my hiking training program) caused another episode 3 months after the first.

Cathy adapted my program to accommodate the tenderness in my back & her advice helped to speed up my recovery. Since then I have been pain free but will keep seeing Cathy as I believe my program plays a very large part in this. xx



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