Student Spotlight – Sally

TriBalance Student Spotlight for April is Sally Neville.

Here she has shared her story with us:
I started practicing yoga probably about 10 years ago mostly because I suffered from thoracic outlet syndrome and a degenerative lower back and yoga was one of the few things that continuously popped up in the literature as being helpful for both. Initially I found yoga quite challenging particularly from a strength perspective, as I’m quite flexible naturally but I have never been strong. But I soon started to really enjoy yoga and tried out many different types and forms. I found I was naturally drawn to ashtanga and developed a strong regular practice.

However, in 2015 my practice hit a significant speed bump after I suffered a stroke secondary to dissections to my inner carotid arteries. I was left with right sided weakness and difficulties with balance and processing. At the time I thought that yoga was one of the many things I probably wasn’t ever going to be able primobolan review to do again. But gradually things got better and I got stronger and I started practicing very basic yoga again initially just for short periods as I struggled with fatigue and balance. But after some time I felt I wanted to go back to a yoga class format and practise with others again.
I tried a few local studios looking for somewhere where I could build on my skills again in a safe and sensible way. In 2017 I found a groupon deal for tribalance and thought I would give it a try. I have been going there even since. Cathy and all the instructors there are experienced and sensible yoga practitioners.

My yoga practice is different now, mostly minor things like I practice with glasses now because I find hard to balance without them. But for them most part my practice is getting back to normal. I still enjoy it and I feel it contributes greatly to my overall wellbeing. Thank-you tribalance especially Lina, Cathy and Mel!

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