Student Spotlight – Ros

TriBalance student spotlight for June is Ros. Here she has shared with us her yoga story:

I am not very flexible and this has led to many issues with my lower back, shoulders and neck over the years. My acupuncturist encouraged me to try yoga, and I went to a few classes at a couple of studios in other suburbs. Then the TriBalance beginners’ yoga offer came up in my facebook and as it is nearby I thought I would sign up for 6 weeks and try it out. This turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done.

I have been warmly welcomed at tribalance and after many beginners’ yoga courses and lots of patience and encouragement from the yoga teachers, especially Mel, Lina and Cathy, I feel so much better.

My body is stronger, my arthritic ankles don’t hurt anymore, my balance is improving, and my flexibility is getting better (I’m getting closer to touching my toes). And most of all I enjoy it and feel so relaxed after each class. This studio has a great tranquil and nurturing vibe which seems to create an inner calmness in me.


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