Student Spotlight – Murray

Student spotlight for October belongs to this incredible yogi Murray.

I couldn’t agree more with his statement about yoga:’ it works if you work it’. Here he shares with us his yoga story:
I had been going to the gym and lifting heavy weights for years, it was getting tiresome and I was getting older (I’m 59 and I might stay that age for a few more years yet). As a young man I did it all, football, cricket, gym, running all whilst working in the house construction industry. The physical life took its toll. I became bodily tired and mindfully jaded. I decided to try Yoga. I had been considering it for some time but had little success in finding a studio where I felt comfortable. Some were simply commercials enterprises taking advantage of Yoga popularity. Fair enough but I wanted to learn a little about Yoga as well as practice it and I was interested in the mindfulness approach. I saw the Tri Balance website and was impressed by its informative and practical lay out. The absence of doves and hibiscus flowers was a bonus. I joined up for the Beginners Course which I think is great value.

I am now solidly ensconced within my second Beginners Course and have been to 28 classes which is probably why I was asked to be Student Of The Month (not to blow my own trumpet). My main teachers Mel and Laura have been really encouraging and help full not to mention full of grace and style. The way they move is amazing, in fact I refer to Mel as ‘The Amazing Mel’. Lina and Kylie have also been of great benefit in my short Yoga journey. The big surprise for me is how much I enjoy Yoga and also how physical it can be. Yoga opens my body right up and I feel it doing me good. I’m working on the mindfulness and have much to learn in this area, which is a good thing. I’m trying to keep an open mind. At this point I will keep coming back. It works if you work it. Namaste. .

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