Student Spotlight – Michael


Student Spotlight for February is Michael

Here he has shared his yoga & Pilates journey with us:

I started practicing yoga 9 years ago after spending a few months in a meditation course during a very stressful time. While I found meditation helpful in decreasing everyday stress, it was yoga that allowed me to take time away from everyday life and just focus on my own health and wellbeing. After taking a significant break from yoga and meditation,

I joined a mainstream gym to complement my cycling schedule to gain a balance between cardio and strength training. However, I was not getting the results I wanted and suffered a number of injuries as a result. It wasn’t until it was suggested I head back to yoga and pilates to complement my cycling and I should join the TriBalance community. I started with the beginners course just over six months ago and have been surprised at the progress I have made in building core strength, balance and overall fitness while continuing to close down the mind and bringing myself to the mat.

Mel has been a great influencer in pushing me to have confidence in allowing me to trust my own body’s ability and still allow me to have that competitive edge of going into poses deeper. Even days where I am not interested in practicing, the energy and positivity Mel brings to the class and that of fellow TriBalance yogis makes a great end to often busy days.

I am looking forward to the 28 class challenge to really test ‘mind over matter’.

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