Student Spotlight – Melinda

Student Spotlight for July is our clinical Pilates client Melinda. Here she has shared with us her story:
I started practising Pilates at Tribalance a little over eighteen months ago due to an injury to my back. I had often experienced repetitive strains in my neck and back throughout my daily activities, and certain habits were so ingrained that it was difficult to know how to change them. I had previously tried yoga at another studio, and actually had more pain after I attended the class. I have gained so much from going to clinical Pilates classes with Cathy at Tribalance. She completely understood the pain I was experiencing and taught me where to strengthen my body and how to change some very ingrained habits.

I love the challenge of both Pilates (and yoga) which is integrated into my program. Due to my early experience with yoga, I had always thought it just wasn’t for me, so it has been great to work with a teacher who tailors a program that gives me both confidence and strength. Cathy is an excellent teacher, and a pleasure to learn from. Pilates and yoga have been so beneficial to my physical strength and understanding of my own body. Big thanks to the lovely team at Tribalance – especially Cathy and Mel!

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