Student Spotlight – Matt & Jon

Student spotlight of November belongs to our Clinical Pilates students Jon and Matthew.

They are father and son and have been practicing with our physio @cathyaganoff_yoga since January.

I am 11 years old and really enjoy gymnastics. I train 22 hours a week at the State High Performance Centre and came third overall for my age in the National Championships this year. My coach recommended that I do Pilates to improve my core strength and so Dad and I started classes with Cathy in January. Pilates is fun and has really helped to improve my strength. It has also improved my balance which is important for gymnastics too. I love trying to achieve new positions like the scorpion.

Jon (Dad)
I mainly started Pilates to keep Matt company but I quickly benefitted from reduced old age aches and pains – particularly in my lower back. My flexibility has also increased drastically and whilst I will not be competing in gymnastic competitions any time soon I definitely feel better for it. I look forward to our weekly sessions and being encouraged by Matt and Cathy to keep pushing myself. Only a year ago I would have struggled with a one legged flamingo let alone a crow pose – who knows what I could achieve next – flying pigeon?!

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