Student Spotlight – Kiran

One of Our February Challenge Winners
& Student Spotlight for March is Kiran

Here she has shared her story with us:

When I attended my first Yoga class over 6 months ago I really enjoyed it. I was aware of Yoga’s physical betterments however I was most surprised and grateful for the positive relaxation benefits.

However over this time the biggest struggle for me was incorporating Yoga into my routine… that is making onto the mat. It’s the usual struggles, life is too busy and I have a chronic illness that is mild but causes fatigue at times. When I saw the notice for the February challenge a part of me thought maybe I can do this, plus there is no harm in trying! The beginning of the challenge was exciting; part-way through is where I struggled the most and towards the end it was easier! Now, a month later, if I go more than a few days without attending a class it feels outside the norm. Yoga is now part of my daily life and I’m better for it.

Thank you xx


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