Student Spotlight – Helen & Meg

TriBalance Student Spotlight for December are our lovely Mother-Daughter couple
Meg and Helen
Here they have shared their clinical Pilates experiences with us:
I first came to see Cathy for knee pain that started while I was training for and running my second marathon. Since then, I have been attending weekly clinical pilates classes to improve my strength and ensure I’m activating the correct muscles.

I have loved coming to pilates and have really noticed an improved awareness of my body. I have definitely noticed that I am now activating my core and glutes much more during my runs, which is really helping with my injury. I have found that clinical pilates really compliments my running and makes me more in tune with my body.

One added bonus of the clinical pilates classes has been attending with my mum!

I had an initial appointment with Cathy after Meg recommended I see her. I have osteoporosis and a pain in my hip that was really impacting me.

I have found pilates to be really beneficial. The classes are so calm and I really like having Cathy’s watchful eye making sure I am doing the movements correctly. I always feel very connected to my body when I leave the class, which is a lovely feeling. I have noticed that strengthening the muscles around my hip has helped reduce my pain and my body seems to be moving much more smoothly.



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