Student Spotlight – Gemma

TriBalance Student Spotlight for August is Gemma
Here she has shared her clinical Pilates experience with us:

I came to see Cathy at TriBalance in the second trimester of my pregnancy for help with managing my back pain. Cathy was great at picking up the underlying cause of my pain (weak gluteal muscles and a movement pattern of bending using my lower back) and providing me with a customised exercise program to build up my strength. After a few private sessions I have been coming along to weekly classes to prepare my body for birth and beyond.
I have really appreciated how Cathy has been able to help me anticipate future issues (like back pain from bending over to pick up bub) and take preventative actions. She has also been able to suggest specific exercises for issues that have cropped up during my pregnancy (sore Achilles tendons). As someone who is quite uncoordinated and generally quite out of touch with my body, it has been so helpful to have someone patiently explain to me how to engage different muscle groups. I feel better in my body now that I did before my pregnancy!

The TriBalance studio has such a lovely, friendly vibe and both Cathy and Melinda have been very welcoming. I always leave class feeling stronger and happier!

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