Student Spotlight – Ella & Narelle

1. What’s your preference: Livestream or In Studio classes? 
N- In the studio, but the morning classes from home have been fantastic
E – Livestreams are very convenient for morning classes, but the studio is my preference for other classes
2. Why do you practice yoga and/or pilates?
N- Too many reasons, even after being a long time student I am still learning.
E –I practice yoga and pilates for its combined mindfulness and fitness benefits.
3. Why did you choose tribalance to support you on your journey? 
N- Tribalance was in a good locations and had multiple classes I could attend each week. I now enjoy the teachers and the variety of classes.
E – Mum was already a member of tribalance, and its location and range of classes are excellent.
4. What’s your favourite class at tribalance?
N- It would regularly change depending how I am feeling
E – I prefer morning yoga basics classes and restorative yoga
5. What’s your favourite pose?
N- Warrior, and all standing poses. I also like backbends.
E – Standing poses, spinal twists and balancing poses are my favourite.  
6. What’s your least favourite pose?
N- Standing in a balancing pose for a while is not a favourite pose of mine.
E- I struggle with the L handstand and crow pose.
7. What aspects of your practise are you focusing on at the moment? 
N-Endurance and strength. I enjoy peak poses for the challenge and variety.
E- I’ve been working on building strength and flexibility since beginning with Tribalance and have recognised my improvements recently.
8. How has your practise changed since Covid-19??
N- Initially I was practising daily when I wasn’t working at all, but I was also doing other exercise and when I became fatigued, I knew I was doing too much.
E- I was practicing daily during the initial lockdowns, and I’ve kept to a more consistent routine now since returning to work. 
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