Student Spotlight – El

Student Spotlight for September is El, here she has shared with us her yoga journey:
In 2014 I was preparing for a remote 6-day hike in the Northern Territory carrying everything for survival on my back. I was semi-fit, but my core strength needed work. I signed up for a yoga class for beginners and so began my on-and-off, but now on-again love affair with yoga!

Over the years yoga has been equal parts physically and mentally challenging. And the teachers I’ve been loyal to are a reflection of what has been happening (and not happening) in my life – each one brought a unique approach and something special to the mat.
Today, my practice is a balance of action and restraint. Mel is my teacher and she pushes me like no other. Mel is the most physical teacher I’ve had, and also the most open and energetic. I began yoga because I needed solitude and now I practice at TriBalance because of the energy and optimism of Mel’s community and the physical strength I can maintain.

I surprise myself, still, with what my body can do and what my mind will allow when practicing yoga. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. And just because I can’t, doesn’t mean I never will. This goes for so many things in life, which is why my love affair with yoga, I think, will continue for life.


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