Student Spotlight – Antonia

Student spotlight for September is Antonia, she won the ultimate price of Tribalance Winter Challenge by attending 71 classes!

Here we have interviewed her on her winter challenge experience:

1, how did you motivate yourself to stay committed to your practice?

Not that difficult actually; I usually do five classes a week so picking up an extra one wasn’t a significant change. I enjoy the activity and like the people which always makes things easier to persist with. Staying healthy through flu season was the biggest challenge, but the biggest motivation was trying to make a pattern in the silver star sticker sheet!

2, what have you gained from doing the challenge?

A couple of callouses! And a better understanding of there being different streams of practice and that I’m happiest and most balanced when I’m dabbling in a few at once. More importantly, an ability to really put aside the thoughts of the day and clean my own mental and emotional slate.

3, what have you learned about your body or yourself in this challenge?

That how ‘I’ feel and how my body feels are different things and I need to tend to both.

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