Physiotherapy for hip pain

Every day, your hips bear the bulk of your body weight while providing you with the range of motion needed for all your activities. There is no way to avoid using your hips, so if you start feeling any pain, it’s essential to address it immediately. The faster you start physiotherapy for your hip pain, the shorter your recovery period will be and the higher your chances of making a full recovery with no lingering problems.

The importance of hip joints

Your hip joints are a very complex structure. They are a combination of bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and some of your biggest and strongest skeletal muscles. We rely on them for many everyday tasks and activities, from going down a set of stairs to kicking a ball. Because of the complex nature of hip joints, seeing a professional and getting the correct physio exercises for your hip pain is key in regaining your hip health.

Our physiotherapy for hip pain services

At TriBalance, we have experienced and qualified staff passionate about helping you through your journey to pain-free joints. Our physiotherapists will start with a thorough assessment and design a treatment plan specific to your problem. By pooling from our wide range of physio services, we will not only relieve your pain but also strengthen and protect your hip joint from future injuries.

Continue your journey to health and wellbeing

For long-lasting wellbeing, your health journey will likely expand beyond hip physio sessions. That is why at TriBalance, we offer a wide range of services from clinical exercise classes to more holistic therapies such as remedial massage, yoga and pilates classes. Combined with the recommended physio exercises for your hip pain, our services in North Brisbane will further increase hip mobility, injury prevention and develop full-body harmony.

Book physiotherapy for your hip pain in North Brisbane

Ready to leave hip pain in the past and start your journey to overall health and wellbeing? From classes, memberships and individual appointments, we have many options available to cater for your specific needs and address underlying issues as well as the symptoms of pain. Book your initial consultation today — say goodbye to your hip pain forever with TriBalance’s holistic approach.