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Do you feel frustrated that your good intentions to exercise or lose weight fall flat because whenever you attempt an exercise program you end up injuring yourself?

We get it! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Physiolates classes are tailored to each person in the class and we prescribe clinical exercise

that is relevant to your specific injury or condition. With a maximum capacity of 6 in each class you get all the help you need.

What is clinical pilates?  

Do you want to feel strong, flexible and confident in your movement again? We’re here to give you step by step support and guidance along the way.


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Physiolates is the name we use for our clinical exercise classes, which is a fusion of yoga, pilates, mindfulness & clinical exercise all wrapped up into one class and the best bit, it’s led by a physio and is custom tailored to you and your specific movement goals.

I T ‘S  T H E  U L T I M A T E  W E L L N E S S  H A C K !

Clinical pilates is used as a tool to aid those who are undergoing physiotherapy or as part of a rehabilitation plan after suffering an injury or undergoing surgery. Clinical pilates benefits often include:

-Improved posture

-Gaining more flexibility

-Increased muscular strength

-Body balance and control

-Strengthening of the core and the pelvic floor

Each physiolates class is tailored specifically to you to ensure that you are gaining the benefits you need for your specific injuries. Whether you are suffering from disc injuries or hip osteoarthritis, we can create a clinical pilates program that will aid in your recovery.


Each class is expertly curated with the specific needs and goals of each person in the class. Class sizes are limited to 6 and each person in the class has undergone an initial consultation and 1:1 session with the physio to allow for this bespoke class experience.

If you’re working to heal an injury, improve sporting performance or simply wanting to improve posture, flexibility and core strength, this class is tailored to you! To get started, book an initial Physiolates consultation. See class schedule.

1:1 Sessions

Have you recently flared up an injury and are experiencing acute symptoms that make it difficult to exercise and move your body? Do you have a chronic injury or condition that limits your general mobility and makes it difficult to get on and off the floor?

Do you have specific goals relevant to your sport or physical activity and prefer to work 1:1 with the physio to achieve your goals faster?

If you answered yes to any of the above then 1:1 sessions are more your style.

‘Change happens through movement and movement heals’

 ~ Joseph Pilates

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Conditions that can benefit from physiolates

If you are currently undergoing physiotherapy for lower back pain, are suffering from hip bursitis or you need regular physio for hip pain, then physiolates may be a helpful addition to your treatment plan. As a gentle form of clinical exercise that enhances muscles which can support the troubled areas of your body, our physio pilates in Brisbane may offer you that extra piece of the wellness puzzle on your journey to rehabilitation.

Our physiolates trainers

When you meet our team, you will begin to understand a little more about why TriBalance is the best place for clinical pilates in Brisbane. Our physiolates trainers are well-versed in practicing clinical pilates for a wide range of injuries to ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefits for your body from every class you take. Let our team of experts help you to strengthen your body and rid yourself of injury on your path to a full recovery.

Try pilates physio in Brisbane today

Next time you book a physiotherapy appointment with TriBalance, speak to your physio about how a physiolates class can benefit your condition. Our physiotherapy and physiolates pricing offers a wide range of options including virtual options and discounts for our new members to ensure you can always afford to give your body that extra bit of help it needs. Visit us at TriBalance today and experience all the wellness benefits of our clinical pilates classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Pilates — or “Physiolates” as we call it here at TriBalance — is a program that incorporates elements of yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and clinical exercise. Though it shares many common traits with “pure” Pilates, it incorporates a broader range of activities and is also tailored by our physiotherapists to suit your particular movement and wellbeing goals. 

Physiolates can yield a number of benefits for regular practitioners, just as regular Pilates, yoga or other resistance and stretching-based exercises can. People can find it useful for rehabilitating from an injury, increasing their core strength, developing better balance, improving their flexibility, improving posture or improving their pelvic floor strength. 

One of the key features of Physiolates is that it can be utilised to cater to specific issues. So if there’s a health or wellbeing issue you’re finding particularly problematic, we’re able to customise your program to deal with it. 

To see the full benefits of Clinical Pilates, you should attend classes regularly and do any relevant exercises at home in between classes. But the exact amount will vary from person to person; it’s dependent on what sort of goals you have and your current level of physical fitness. Your physiotherapist will be able to give you a more detailed breakdown. 

Here at TriBalance, we offer a broad range of programs for Pilates and physio in Brisbane, along with a variety of other health and wellbeing programs. If you’re specifically looking for Clinical Pilates in Brisbane, we’re able to assist you. We’ll have a discussion about the sort of Clinical Pilates benefits that you’re seeking and work out an appropriate plan to suit your specific needs. 

Here at TriBalance, we offer a variety of different physio services, multiple disciplines and exercises. We pride ourselves on offering the best physio and Pilates in Brisbane. You can meet our team online and see for yourself!

Additionally, our physiotherapy and physiolates pricing provides a broad range of options — including discounts for new members and virtual classes, to ensure that you’ll be able to afford to give your body the care it needs. If you’re looking to book a physiotherapy appointment, get in touch with the team at TriBalance today. 

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