Back Pain Physiotherapy

TriBalance offers expert back physio in Brisbane to help alleviate pain and improve any mobility issues you may have. Correctly administered back physio includes a full assessment, mobilisation of joints and massage. Our holistic approach also includes a range of yoga and Pilates classes to assist with your rehabilitation — ensuring your back pain physiotherapy needs are reduced as your body continues to strengthen.

The physiotherapy process

On your initial visit, we undertake a full assessment of your musculoskeletal system to ascertain the root cause of your pain. Contributing factors such as posture and underlying issues elsewhere can leave you susceptible to re-injury, which will ultimately require future back physio sessions. Treatment is based on alleviating the pain or discomfort you are experiencing, while also addressing any underlying causes. Through our back pain physiotherapy process you will achieve increased ease of movement and pain relief in a supportive and caring environment. Our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced, ensuring you receive the best treatment specifically tailored to your personal needs.

A holistic approach

At TriBalance, our back physio in Brisbane is all about ongoing rehabilitation and strength building to assist in reducing the likelihood of re-injury. This is why we have incorporated additional services that set us apart from other general physiotherapy practices. We offer yoga and Pilates classes to assist with injury management, along with classes for people who wish to strengthen their bodies to prevent injury, or simply wish to enjoy the benefits that yoga and pilates can offer. We host these sessions in an environment that focuses on wellbeing while being supportive and open.

If you are seeking experienced, professional physiotherapists who also offer a holistic approach to your rehabilitation, we encourage you to contact us for an appointment today to get started on your wellness journey.