Natural Therapies

Treatments are available to address a variety of health concerns and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Remedial Massage

Release Tension + Boost Your Circulation
with Akane Matsumoto

Remedial massage focuses on solving your soft tissue (muscle and tendons) problems. A build up of tension in muscle tissue often goes on to effect underlying nerves and blood vessels as well. Headaches and pins-and-needles in your hands and feet are often a warning from your body that your muscles are in need of maintenance. Akane has expertise in Swedish, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage.

Enquire on booking or before the treatment for other specialised techniques such as; Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation and Lomi lomi (also known as Ka hua or Hawaiian). Akane has been accredited by professional association (AAMT) since 2009. As part of maintaining membership, AAMT require all their members to participate in CPE (Continuing Professional Education) to maintain and improve their skills day-to-day.

Friday: 12:00pm – 4:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 4:30pm

30 min $50
60 min $80
90 min $120

* Health fund rebates apply with on the spot claims.

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Meditation Coaching
with Emma Baker

Your meditation practice is healthiest when it is as unique as you are. There are many styles of meditation and finding the right ones for you can be challenging. So challenging that people often give up on the practice all together. It becomes too hard, unenjoyable or feels like another thing you feel you have to tick off your infinite to-do list. It is possible to learn to love and celebrate your busy brain, your to-do lists, and all that goes on in your inner life. Rather than stifling your brilliance, unleash it.

Living in the 21st century there is SO much to enjoy, but also so many roles that we play – employee, boss, colleague, parent, sibling, friend, lover, chef, travel agent, and the list goes on. In order to show up fully for the people we care about, our commitments and responsibilities, and the things we love, we must develop rich inner and outer life practices to support our energy.

Meditation coaching is a way of developing and refining your meditation practice to suit YOUR nature, and your current stage or circumstances in life. One on one coaching allows you to explore practices in a way that can’t be achieved in a class setting. Suitable for anyone completely new to meditation wondering where to start, and for those with a regular practice, wanting to spice up your practice or overcome obstacles. If you’re not enjoying your current meditation practice, a coaching session can help you to find pathways into your vibrant inner space that you will look forward to and cherish each day.

One on One Sessions available by appointment
$70 per 1 hour session

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