Class Styles

YOGA Basics


Simple. Mindful. Fluid

Open to all levels, yoga basics is a great transition for those who have done our beginner yoga course and want to progress to the next level.

Similar to our beginner yoga course, the yoga basics classes have a set sequence each month, allowing you the time to develop your practice through time.



Strengthening. Aligning. Balanced

Need to strengthen your core and build a more balanced posture? This 60 minute mat class targets all the major muscle groups with particular focus on the core stabilising muscles around the hips, lower back and shoulders to create a strong foundation and functional movement.

YOGA Align & Flow


Strengthening. Dynamic. Fluid

For yogis wanting to go deeper into a certain aspect of their practice and hone in on the alignment, mechanics and energetic qualities of peak spotlight poses. It’s open to all levels from beginner to experienced with modifications and preparatory poses provided.

Classes include intelligently constructed sequences combining elements of Alignment and Flow to keep the blood flowing, breath steady and the mind focused.

YOGA Deep Stretch


Relaxing. Passive. Nurturing. 

A 45 min Yin Yoga class incorporating mindfulness and longer held postures to cultivate a deep stretch to the muscles and myofascia.

Why not stay on after pilates basics and iron out all those muscle knots and release excess tension in your muscles and fascia.

YOGA Restorative


Meditative. Supportive. Nourishing

Need to unwind after a busy week? This calming practice uses props to support your physical postures and promotes relaxation with guided meditation. Great for reducing stress and restoring balance to your nervous system. You will feel recharged for your week ahead.

Get prepared for the live stream class at home with the following props: a bolster or pillow, yoga block and a couple of blankets.



Clinical. Supportive. Bespoke.

Each class is expertly curated with the specific needs and goals of each person in the class. Class sizes are limited to 4 and each person in the class has undergone an initial consultation and 1:1 session with the physio to allow for this bespoke class experience.

If you’re working to heal an injury or simply want to improve posture, flexibility and core strength, this class is tailored to you! To get started, book an initial Physiolates consultation.

Private Sessions


Targeted. Supportive. Bespoke.

Despite the popularity today of yoga being taught in a class setting, this was not the norm in traditional yoga schools in ancient India. Yogis were taught on a one to one basis by their teacher who gave individual instruction.

Private sessions are a great way to advance your practice more quickly and safely, with individual attention given to your body’s needs and ability. Private sessions can be scheduled with 1-2 people.

YOGA Therapy


Clinical. Supportive. Healing.

If you’re suffering with an injury that’s interfering with your yoga practice and don’t want to stop practising this session is for you. Maybe you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or emotional pain and want a deep healing practice.

You’re initial session will involve a one on one consultation with a highly trained yoga therapist who will identify your areas of concern including energetic blockages, dysfunctional movement patterns and/or movement impairments which may be affecting your condition, as well as your ability to execute various yoga poses correctly. Your yoga therapist will develop a sequence and guide you through a practice which cultivates a deep healing response and is specific to your needs.

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