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The 2 Most Important Components Of Every Yoga Pose (Sthira & Sukha)

The yoga styles that are commonly practised today come from a very long and rich history of many different lineages and ancient texts. The ancient yogic text that is most commonly cited as the original source of many of the styles of yoga practised today is a text called The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Sutra’s […]

The Science Behind Yoga

Have you ever wondered why yoga is so popular and how it is that such an ancient practise could still be so relevant today? Latest statistics show that 300 million people worldwide practise yoga and in Australia alone over 2.5 million people regularly practise yoga! Yoga is Australia’s fastest growing sporting or fitness activity. Although I’m not […]

6 Tips For Yoga Beginners

Have you been hearing all the fuss about yoga and it’s many health benefits and wondering if it could be for you? Maybe you’ve done yoga, a long time ago but feel like you’ve forgotten most of the poses and lost your flexibility. Either way if it’s relatively unfamiliar, you may feel unsure of what to expect, and […]

How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat For You?

Do you already own a workout mat of sorts? You may be wondering if you can just dust off your old pilates or workout mat that’s sitting in the cupboard and use that for yoga too? When we’re new to yoga we tend to grab the most convenient or the cheapest mat we can find. Often times […]

Student Spotlight – Ella & Narelle

1. What’s your preference: Livestream or In Studio classes?  N- In the studio, but the morning classes from home have been fantastic E – Livestreams are very convenient for morning classes, but the studio is my preference for other classes 2. Why do you practice yoga and/or pilates? N- Too many reasons, even after being […]

Teacher Spotlight – Carly Ponter

1. How long have you been practising and teaching yoga?  I’ve been practicing yoga since I was about 16 years old, but mostly just here and there, certainly not super committed in those beginning years. I got significantly more invested about 7 years ago, so much so, that I decided to do my teacher training. […]

Apply ahimsa (non-harm) to your hamstrings and improve flexibility intelligently!

If the ancient sage Patanjali practiced modern postural yoga, I think he certainly would not advocate for many of the approaches to stretching the hamstrings we see in gyms and yoga studios around today.   For years when students come to yoga class the same questions are asked to yoga teachers. ‘How can I improve […]

February Challenge Winner 2020 – Michael

Tribalance February Challenge 2020 winner is Michael. He made it to 25 plus classes (we lost count) in February, here he shared with us his experience : Having been apart of the TriBalance crew for just over a year I couldn’t say no (or be allowed to say no) to signing up to the February […]

Student Spotlight – Antonia

Student spotlight for September is Antonia, she won the ultimate price of Tribalance Winter Challenge by attending 71 classes! Here we have interviewed her on her winter challenge experience: 1, how did you motivate yourself to stay committed to your practice? Not that difficult actually; I usually do five classes a week so picking up […]

Student Spotlight – Tanya and Barry

Student spotlight for August is Tanya and Barry, here they have shared with us their yoga stories: 1, How long have you been practicing yoga or pilates? We have both taken random yoga and pilates classes in the past at different places but signing up to Tribalance last year is our first consistent and continual […]