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Hello wellness warrior, navigating work life balance and taking a proactive approach to your health.

You like to stay strong and mobile and value an active lifestyle, but you’ve had a string of events that have thrown you off course of late. That pesky recurring injury, kids sport and work deadlines that keep sabotaging your efforts to stick with your exercise routine and meet your weight loss or fitness goals.

Not to mention how much resistance you now feel to get back onto a yoga mat having lost so much of your flexibility and strength.

You really notice how stiff and inflexible you’ve become when you try to bend to pick up your kids clothes from the floor and feel a knot in the pit of your stomach as you lie awake at night thinking of how sedentary you’ve become.

If you’re really honest with yourself it feels like you’ve hit a brick wall and you know there’s got to be a better way.

At TriBalance we’ve worked with thousands of clients just like you and we know all too well the pain and frustration you are experiencing. That’s why so many of our our classes and offerings are catered to a beginner level and to bodies that have become de-conditioned through periods with lack of exercise. Our Physiolates classes are designed to help you recover from those pesky nagging injuries and uplift you to your highest movement potential.

With so many of her clients experiencing frustrations with their exercise goals and having personal experience with temporarily losing her personal yoga practise to injury, TriBalance Founder Cathy Aganoff decided to make it her mission to develop a new exercise model – one that would light her soul on fire, and see her work reach thousands of people like you, heal their injuries and transform the way they moved and inhabited their bodies.

This new model, called Physiolates is a fusion of yoga, pilates, mindfulness & clinical exercise all wrapped up into one class and the best bit, its led by a physio and is custom tailored to you and your specific movement goals.

I T S  B E E N  A N  A B S O L U T E  G A M E  C H A N G E R !

If you want to feel strong, flexible and uplifted, and experience that sense of ease and flow in your movement again, we’re here to give you step by step support and guidance along the way.

Would you like to join our TriBalance community and experience a new way of movement and exercise? If it’s a resounding YES!

There are 3 ways you can join our tribe and get started:

> Join our free Facebook group & follow us on insta

> Book an initial Physiolates consultation

> Start a 2 week ALL ACCESS Intro Pass

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About TriBalance values community yoga class revolved triangle pose


While yoga is very much a personal practise that’s about connecting to your innermost self. Practising in community alongside like minded people in a supportive space is an incredibly uplifting experience. There’s a certain magic about the collective energy in the yoga room that fosters greater connection and sense of belonging, both within ourselves and each other. During the covid pandemic, our community has stayed alive and strong and we now have the added bonus of a fully operational virtual studio to stay connected. We would love to welcome you to join our tribe!

TriBalance yoga class alternate nostril breathing, values inclusiveness


At tribalance we subscribe to the belief that yoga is for EVERYBODY. All bodies, races, classes, ages, sexual and gender orientations. We are all so unique and while yoga is for everybody, there is no one size fits all practise that fits everybody. Rather than forcing your body into a particular shape or pose we teach you how to adapt the pose to fit your body, to allow the pose to really work for you and not against you. 

About TriBalance values beginner's mindset


There’s an abundance of things we have to learn about our bodies and ourselves on the mat. You’re not here to prove anything to anyone. There is nothing to achieve other than being present in your body and grateful for whatever your body is offering you in the present moment. Our teachers remind and encourage you to approach each practise with fresh eyes, like a beginner even if you’ve done 1000 downward dogs before. Cultivating a beginner’s mindset keeps you open to the richness of experience that each moment on the mat is offering. 

About TriBalance values compassion


The practise of compassion and self love is an integral part of yoga and in yogic terms is called ahimsa. We must first learn to apply compassion towards ourselves on the mat. Never pushing, or forcing your body into a shape it isn’t inviting. Staying focused on your own inner experience rather than outwardly focusing on and comparing yourself to your neighbour. There’s a saying that ‘how you do your yoga is how you do your life’ and the yoga mat is like a mini laboratory where you get to observe all of your subconscious patterns that show up. As you learn to apply the wisdom teachings of yoga on the mat, over time they become woven into the very fabric of your being and your life off the mat begins to transform. Your relationships with others and yourself improves and an overall feeling of contentment and fulfilment pervades.