5 Week Pregnancy Yoga Course

Event Details

Dates: TBC

2 Classes scheduled each week:

Saturday Prenatal Yoga 1:00pm – 2:15pm

Sunday Restorative Yoga 4:00 – 5:00pm

* You are invited to attend both classes or just one class each week, whatever suits your schedule.

* Option to bring your partner along to the Sunday restorative class. 

Cost: $130 for 5 weeks (includes both Saturday & Sunday classes)

Only 12 places available

Yoga is one of the most nourishing ways to care for yourself and for your baby during pregnancy and because of this many women first start practising yoga when they are pregnant.

If you’ve felt disempowered throughout your pregnancy by often well meaning loved ones or doctors trying to wrap you up in cotton wool, this course will help you to break free of the self limiting beliefs you may have around pregnancy and birth. This course is really designed to set you up for success, with a positive birth mindset and physical endurance, as you prepare for your birth. We will use specific postures and breathwork to simulate the birth experience and increase your capacity to stay calm and centred in the face of physical and emotional stress.

The course is suitable both for beginners and seasoned practitioners, we just ask that you wait until you’re in your 2nd trimester to start your first course. You can continue right up to 40 weeks as long as you have clearance from your midwife or obstetrician. The course has been developed with careful consideration of the more specific needs of women during this special and sacred time. The pregnancy yoga class scheduled on the Saturday is taught by experienced and passionate physiotherapist and yoga teacher Cathy Aganoff.

The Sunday afternoon restorative yoga class is a public class. Both classes are suitable and safe for pregnant students in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend the Sunday afternoon restorative yoga class to share in the yoga bliss! The Saturday afternoon class is a specialised class only for pregnant women who are signed up to the pregnancy yoga course.

Secure your spot now and gain more of the countless health benefits of prenatal yoga, including:

  • Improved circulation and reduced fluid retention
  • Improved strength and flexibility in postural muscles to support changing posture.
  • Cultivate a positive birth mindset
  • Connect with your baby and sharpen your mothers intuition.
  • Relief of pain and discomfort in the lower back and pelvic joints.
  • Confidence in your ability to grow, nurture and care for your baby.
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of relaxation and resilience to stress