4 Week Beginner Yoga Course

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TriBalance are offering a unique opportunity to discover yoga with up to 20 beginner classes for just $99.

The course runs for 4 weeks from Monday 20 July 2020.

Full course information is below:

Dates: 20 July — 16 Aug 2020

5 Class times scheduled each week to choose from. See class schedule.

Cost: $99 for 4 weeks (unlimited classes)

Event Details:

* 5 Classes scheduled each week

* You are invited to attend just one or as many classes on the course schedule each week, as suits your schedule.

* If you’d also like to attend classes on the regular class schedule, you just need to purchase a class pass for these.

Location: 20 Cowper St, Gordon Park

Limited Places Available

Course Content:

You will progress through a set sequence of yoga poses, building each week to learn the fundamentals of pose alignment and breath regulation.

You will learn introductory mindfulness & meditation techniques and basic yoga philosophy. No prior knowledge is assumed and no previous experience necessary.

Week One

  • Introduction and brief overview of the 8 limbs of yoga.
  • The foundations of sun salutations and using movement as a device to pace the breath.

Week Two:

  • Learn the 3 Styles of lunges in sun salutations: low lunge, crescent lunge and anjeneyasana lunge.
  • Transition to floor and incorporating the backbend in sun salutes.
  • Downward dog basic technique and distance between the hands and feet.
  • Mindful transitions with particular focus on the step forward from downward dog to lunge.

Week Three:

  • Introduction of flow in standing poses and entry from downward dog into standing poses.
  • Engaging the core (bandhas)
  • Focus on distributing your attention and effort throughout entire posture
  • 2 layers of sensory awareness: microscopic awareness & panoramic awareness.

Week Four:

  • Position of chaturanga and action of the shoulders
  • Refine stepping forward into lunge from downward dog
  • Transition from chaturanga to upward facing dog
  • Maintaining breath continuity.
  • Power, precision and mindfulness as key concepts to a balanced practise.