Move your body on a yoga mat with ease
and confidence in 28 days.

Curious if yoga is for you?

Find out, without the beginners nerves, body hangups and embarrassing “2 left feet syndrome”

The TriBalance Beginner Yoga Course

is the first of it’s kind that…

Is for absolute beginners

Assumes no prior knowledge or experience of yoga. Through the power of consistency and repetition, within just 4 weeks the course takes you from complete newbie to moving confidently through a complete flow of poses synchronised with breath.

Meets you exactly where you’re at, without judgement

Being a new student can be physically, mentally and socially awkward. Everyone comes to the mat with a different set of body hang ups, past injuries and perceived limitations. That’s why we are extra sensitive to the each person’s needs and provide modifications and progressions of key poses.

Teaches foundation movement principals not just individual poses

You’ll learn the underlying principals of movement and muscle engagement that support yoga poses. This will deepen your understanding of the practise and give you those magical ‘aha moment’s’ that come from a more integrated knowledge.

TriBalance Beginner Yoga Course Content Infographic


You’ll learn elements of breath, flow and technique separately initially. Reducing the feeling of overwhelm that’s so common for new students.

Ujaii breath technique Learning this breath practise properly from the beginning is a game changer and will leave you feeling, calm, balanced and energised.

Foundation for sun salutations and arm balances Right from day one you’ll start to develop a framework for movement that will support your yoga practise progressing more quickly & efficiently. You’ll feel more confident in your movement and start to build the necessary strength in the shoulders to go after arm balance poses right from day one.


3 Styles of lunges in sun salutations Demystifying the different types of lunges so you can move through sun salutations with more ease and flow and feel the immediate balancing effect on your mind and nervous system. e

Backbends in sun salutes. Reversing some of the effects of prolonged sitting at your computer and building a beautiful and more balanced posture.

Mindful & purposeful transitioning: learning to move between poses mindfully, to keep the mind focused and energy stable.


Step forward from downward dog to lunge. We unpack this often troublesome transition for new students, and adapt it to work for your individual body type, allowing for progression over time without disrupting your flow. So you can remain in a moving, breathing meditative state.

Standing poses: By grouping together standing poses with similar joint and muscular actions you’ll learn and progress more quickly.

2 Layers of awareness: microscopic awareness & panoramic awareness. You’ll Learn to focus on distributing your attention and effort throughout the entire posture. A skill which helps you to gain perspective on your thoughts and decrease stress levels.


Chaturanga (low plank) & Upward facing dog: technique and action to build strength & skill in the shoulders.

Maintaining breath continuity throughout the entire class. Helping to stabilise your energy levels and feel more centred.

Power, Precision & Mindfulness: By week 4, these 3 elements come together to build a balanced and satisfying practise in body & mind.

Yoga philosophy: applying some of the core teachings of discipline, self compassion and contentment to your experience on the mat, and strengthening your mindfulness muscle, you’ll start to experience more satisfaction, balance and ease in your life off the mat.

Follow your impulse to be well and live into the best version of yourself.

* 5 Classes scheduled each week to choose from. See class timetable.


* You are invited to attend just one or as many classes on the course timetable each week, as suits your schedule.

Upcoming Dates: 15 Aug – 11 September 2022

Location: 20 Cowper St, Gordon Park

Cost: $187

Course Instructors

Be inspired. Be transformed. Be yourself.

✔️ Strong & flexible Body

✔️ Stable energy levels and emotions

✔️ More in control of your life and less enslaved by unconscious habits and thought patterns

Upgrade your wellness score and live into the best version of yourself. ✨

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Featured Reviews

Beginner Yoga Course Student Paul Sherman Testimonial TriBalance North Brisbane

Paul Sherman

I basically tagged along with my wife because I always had a feeling yoga would be really good for me. I picked TriBalance because I liked the idea of of an intro course that would allow me to see if it was for me. I always felt welcomed and the instructors are really encouraging. I got so much out of the course, it made me realise that yoga was available for blokes like me and I got the confidence to start attending the other classes.Yoga has genuinely changed me life, I’m stronger and more flexible and much more in tune with my body and the word around me.

Beginner yoga course student Christina Carras testimonial TriBalance North Brisbane

Christina Carras

I signed up to the beginner course in October 2020 to improve my flexibility and I wanted to support a local small business during covid. Since doing the course I feel more flexible and balanced in my posture and I am committed to adding yoga to my exercise regime at least 1 or 2 times a week.

Kay Hunter TriBalance Beginner Yoga Course Review

Kay Hunter

I decided to try yoga to improve my overall fitness. I wanted to strengthen my back and core as I am a middle-aged office worker with scoliosis and needed to ensure I was learning the poses correctly. I have noticed improved posture, I sleep better and I don't wake up as sore. My fitness has improved and my posture is getting better as well.


I have really tight hamstrings. Can I still do the course?

Absolutely, yes. When most people start they can’t touch their toes. Over the duration of the course you’ll likely notice some improvement in your hamstring flexibility, however with consistent practise over time you’ll see more significant improvements in flexibility. 

I have a weak core. Will this course help me to strengthen my core.

Core strengthening is a big part of the physical practise of yoga and is one of the focal points of the course. You’ll not only work to strengthen your abdominals but also the muscles that support good posture like the glutes and back muscles. 

My work schedule changes week to week. Can I come to different class times each

Yes, we know how busy life gets and we’ve created the course structure to really set you up for success. That’s why we’ve scheduled 4 different time slots for the core curriculum and one bonus deep stretch class on Fridays at 5pm. You can choose the class time that suits you one week and choose a different time the next week ti suit your schedule. You can also choose to attend more than 1 class each week to really deepen your learning. You’ll also be able to use our convenient TriBalance app to manage your class bookings.  

I can only make it to one class a week. Is that enough to get the benefit?

An answer to this is actually found in the yoga sutras, the sacred yogic texts, which tell us that no yogic effort is ever wasted. It’s always worth it and the benefits are cumulative. It’s really consistency over time that creates the transformation in body, mind and heart that is so often touted. 

What if it's too hard and I can't do the poses?

At TriBalance we subscribe to the belief that yoga is for EVERYBODY. Each person comes to the mat with a different history, level of experience and body composition. It’s not about adapting your body into a pose, but rather adapting the pose to meet your beautifully unique body. Your teacher will show you how to adapt the poses to meet you where you’re at. While improving flexibility is a good thing, Ultimately, we practise yoga poses to elicit sensation in our muscles and joints and we only need to go as far into a pose that is necessary to produce enough sensation to caused us to pay attention to our body and to allow those sensations to anchor us in to the present moment.