BLISS OUT – Ishvara Pranidhana, Surrender to what is!

Your mind and body have that direct experience!

Bliss OUT with the desire to shift what no longer serves in your life.

The mantra is a short statement, in the present tense affirmation which you make to overcome any weakness affecting your body, performance and life, and to awaken any other strength you may feel is necessary to provide you with internal balance.

Erue Bucher, a certified Classical Yoga Teacher has been inspired by the practices of yoga nidra, restorative yoga postures and practices that induce deep rest. She guidance takes to that place of calm and tranquility.


What to Expect:

A beautiful space to practice restorative yoga poses fully supported with props, with breathing techniques, a guided body scan & short meditation. After your surrender, the mind and body calm, enjoy freshly brewed chai and a prasad, a healthy bliss ball.

A truly deserving two hours to nurture your mind and body. ‘Yoga Bliss’ with Erue is a wonderful interlude to your daily schedule of doings, and a time to be present with being!


Workshop Details: 

Max 15 persons

2019 Dates: 

Sunday February 24

Sunday April 28

Sunday July 28

Sunday August 25

Sunday October 27

Sunday December 29


Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm 

Address: 20 Cowper, Gordon Park

Cost:  $55 per person

$150 for 3 person