Pilates is a method of physical exercise that lengthens and strengthens the muscles throughout the whole body, promoting a strong core and balanced posture. Particular focus is given to timing and control of the breath and activation of specific muscle groups to correct movement patterns and enhance performance. It is extremely beneficial for the joints as it provides a more dynamic stability and improved proprioception and hence is used extensively in injury rehabilitation.





Pilates Basics

This 60 minute matwork class is great for beginners, or anyone who hasn’t exercised for a while. Classes are often performed using small resistance equipment such as magic circles, theraband and pilates balls to build strength and muscular endurance.


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Pregnancy Pilates

Your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are put under increasing strain as your baby grows bigger. At the same time, the hormone relaxin is making your connective tissues more lax and likely to stretch under load. This can increase your risk of injury while exercising.

Our physiotherapist run clinical pilates classes account for these factors, as well as cardiovascular changes that occur, delivering a safe and effective class to support your body throughout your pregnancy. To book into this class you will first need to have an initial consultation with the physio so that an individualised program can be developed that is suitable for your body and stage of pregnancy. This consultation and your clinical pilates classes are claimable with your health fund under physiotherapy codes.


Current Clinical Pilates Classes are schedued:

Tuesday 10am, 4pm

Saturday 9am, 10am


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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates involves a 1:1 physiotherapy assessment to identify any injuries or movement impairments that may need to be addressed within the program and uses real-time ultrasound to assess and teach the correct activation of the deep core stability muscles.

Based on this detailed assessment a comprehensive 60 minute individualised pilates program is developed and taught on a 1:1 basis for 1-2 sessions. Once the program is learned the pilates student is able to join a clinical class comprising up to 4 participants. Programs are reviewed every 6-8 weeks to progress and/or modify exercises.


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1:1 Sessions

These 60 minute sessions are conducted by a highly trained experienced physiotherapist and can be used as an effective form of prehab and rehabilitation.

After attending an initial physiotherapy assessment to identify your goals and any injuries or movement issues that you would like to address, your physio will develop your individualised program. Working 1:1 with the physio will help you to correct any dyfunctional movement patterns or muscle imbalances that may be causing injury.

Your individually tailored program will also be loaded onto physiapp so that you can work on your program remotely or from home when you’re not able to make it in to the studio.

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