10% Calmer — Yoga for anxiety

– With Melinda Liao

“I know that worrying is useless, but telling me not to worry is equally useless.”

Mel used to be a full-time worrier, it was anxiety that has led her path to yoga. Through years of learning and practicing, she is able to reduce the frequency and impacts of anxieties in her daily life. Knowing that it is our human nature to worry, we can still practice to be calmer when dealing with stress&anxiety.

Date: Sunday May 26th

Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Cost: $45

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In this 2 hrs workshop you will be exploring some simple and user-friendly tools in dealing with anxiety.

Mindfulness exercises, a bit of Yoga, Chai tea & lots of Mel’s classic humor will make sure that it’ll be a Sunday afternoon well spent.

Written by: Cathy Aganoff

Cathy is an experienced physiotherapist and passionate yoga teacher. She founded TriBalance Health + Wellness to help her clients cultivate positive change and transformation.